20 February 2009

The Return Of Craig Shell

It is the news you had all feared, but knew deep down was inevitable, yes psychic fraud Craig Shell is back in the news, and he has still not learned his lesson.

Since his early release from prison, instead of keeping a low profile, he has decided to make as much noise as he can, and go back to his old ways. Despite sending me threatening emails, I had chose to ignore him and hope he would go away.

Here is one of the emails he sent to me.

Hello friends.
Just thought that I would let you know that I was doing a performance the other night! pitty you were not there! would of looked forward to seeing you in your "badpsychics" t-shirt! maybe I should get myself one? better still rather not look like a total wanker in it!!!! thats your job!
Oh yes, stick your interview because I am giving an interview to a television company! wait till I mentioned about the crap you right!
Anyway wont be long till we finally meet, looking forward to it.
Bye for now

Well according to low class, tabloid paper The Sunday Mercury (Spit), he has now apparently seduced the daughter of Assistant Chief Constable of West Mercia Constabulary, the very force that arrested him in the first place. He has then got her to help him take out a phone and computer contract which she would be liable for if he failed to pay!

Not only that, after she dumped him when she found out about his criminal past, he tried to sell details of his affair with the daughter of Simon Chesterman, to try and embarress him.

Despite the claims of The Sunday Mercury, it was infact BadPsychics who exposed Craig Shell, and had been doing so for months, unfortunately good journalism is hard to find, especially when dealing with backstreet newspaper companies who will step on whoever they like just to claim an exclusive.

Luckily people who had been following BadPsychics know the truth.

Craig Shell may now find himself under investigation by West Mercia Constabulary, and could end up back in prison to serve the rest of his sentence.

I only hope they lock him up and throw away the key.

Craig Shell has proven time and time again he is not only a "bad psychic" but an evil conman who will use anyone he can to make money.

If you happen to come across this man, RUN AWAY, seriously guys, he is not worth the hassle.

And if you do find yourself in contact with him, and he does or says anything to you contact West Mercia Constabulary on the below details.


or contact us 0300 333 3000

Public Service Desk
West Mercia Constabulary
Kidderminster Police Station.


GeorgeRic said...

Joe is just another who encourages bellief in a world outside of ours that gives him special insights. Orthodox believers have long said there is such a world, and a good part of it only makes an effort to screw with human minds, and they do that quite well.
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Donna said...

thanks to jon i got a harrassment order slapped on shell for a yr dispite as soon as he recived it he wrote a letter into my sisters works and tried to get her the sack. he visits a inmate at my sisters works in redditch. this inmate is serving life but now they are plottin still to get my sister the sack. his new buisness 'the cake studio' in kidderminister. this site that he keeps changing has given me alarm bells already with fake pictures of people who he says is his accountant. you can see in my blog where ive copied n pasted. ive reported the site to tradein standards now, to be fair if his buisness is that real why add fake stuff on it and use other peoples cakes aand say they are there own. http://donnadimmack73.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!B2086984EECC5333!774.entry

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