8 August 2008

Self Regulating Mediums? A Look At The Spiritual Workers Association

Originally published 8/8/2008

As you may be aware, since the change in legislation with regards to Consumer Protection, a ‘new’ group formed from the objectors to the change. The Spiritual Workers Association.

The ‘association’ was formed by Carole and David McEntee-Taylor and Ian Jones who you may remember started an e-petition against the change in Law, the same petition that contained false information, stating:
"other than the Church of England, Spiritualism is the only other legally recognised religion in this country. The others are only tolerated"

You will understand why some of us are wary of your intentions from the start if even your petition contains false information. Whether or not that information was put there with the intent to deceive or not, it still does not say much for your understanding of your OWN religion does it?

By Meercat:

What if someone had signed that petition purely because of that statement? Do you not think that would be misleading or dishonest? It sums up nicely the vast majority of the Psychics we look at on here.

These are also the same people who stated that the new law was discriminatory against them under the Equality Act 2006, an act which they have obviously not read, or have read but not understood. The Equality Act is in place for many good reasons, unfortunately for the SWA none of those reasons are 'freedom to charge money to talk to the dead'.

The e-petition also claimed "The Religious Discrimination Act states that all religions should be treated equally", the only small problem there is that there isn't actually a "Religious Discrimination Act". There IS the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003, but once again it mentions nothing about having the right the charge money for a non-tangible service. Mind you, if you claim you're being discriminated against, it does help your case a little if you actually read the Act concerned rather than make one up to suit your purpose.

The SWA state that their aim is to:

"promote excellence and improve standards in the field of spiritual work."

and that they:

"intend to offer both public and government an organisation with policies and working practises that

* Is representative of the majority of spiritual workers
* Shows how our organisation can succeed where the proposed legislation will fail
* That is self regulating"

They also state:


"In time the association’s membership list will also be available to the public to enable them to find spiritual workers who they know are committed to high standards"

It all sounds very honourable doesn't it? They believe that 'self regulating' is far more effective than Legislation. 

Unfortunately 'Psychics/Mediums' and 'Healers' have constantly failed to 'Police' their own industry and it seems that within just a few short months of it's existence, the SWA has shown that 'self regulation' of their industry has again failed.

The SWA have what they call their 'Round Table', a list of 'Trustees' and 'Officers', and 'Partners'. 
Two of which are members of the 'International Community of St John the Divine', an Ashley Scoulding and a gentleman by the name of Barry Rathbone "Officer (Ministry)" who decided to start his own Church in 1992 called the 'International Community of St John the Divine' and 'The Order of the Holy Knights of St John the Divine' giving himself the title of :

"His Beatitude The Rt Rev Dr Barry Rathbone DD (hons) Dip LSR KGCSJ( OM ) ICSS Founding Moderating Bishop & Abbot of the Order. De Jure Bishop Metropolitan"

not to mention, "Grand Knight Cross and Abbot." Strangely, the 'Church' accepts and performs gay marriage but the 'Knights Order' does not permit women to be ordained as Priests.....

Now I have nothing against this particular 'Church' but I am very wary of people who feel they have to bestow themselves with such ridiculous titles and letters after their names in an attempt to give themselves more credibility.

Another of their 'Officers' is a woman by the name of Sarah Tyler-Walters 

I had a little look at her site and found that she channels a 'spirit' called 'Master Chou' who 


"lived in China prior to the birth of Jesus and died aged 102" 

There are a few podcasts available on her site enabling you to listen to 'Master Chou' speak. It' reminds me of Peter Sellers in "The Fiendish Plot of Fu Manchu"...

Now, with 'Master Chou' being a Chinese gentleman, and as he is speaking with such a peculiar accent, one can only presume that English is not his first language so I emailed Sarah asking:

Is it possible to have a reading with Master Chou in Chinese?
Kind regards"

You see, I have a Chinese friend whose English is good but not great and I'm sure he would love to converse with 'Master Chou' in his native tongue. The reply from Sarah?

"All readings are done in English.

Harmony and Light

Now THERE'S a surprise.....

My biggest issue with the SWA 'self regulating' is the fact that they have as one of their 'partners', "Zerdin Phenomenal" (www.zerdinphenomenal.co.uk) a website that has seen fit to promote on their website none other than Andrew McKellar, yes, the Andrew McKellar who, against UK Law, claims to cure cancer and who used a testimonial from one (possibly two, we're still waiting for conformation on the other) client who died from cancer shortly after being 'cured' by McKellar. 

That’s right, using the testimony of a man who died from cancer to sell his services to cure cancer.

So 'Spiritual Workers Association', just exactly HOW are you 'self regulating' your industry when your own 'partners' are promoting people like this? It appears all you have done is create a website, made up an 'association' name and invited all and sundry to join you without ANY thought about how you are actually going to regulate anything. Are you, as usual, going to rely on sites such as BadPsychics to do it for you?....

Thank goodness for Legislation.


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