6 August 2008

Challenge from Christine Hamlett, "Red Cloud Is Real Ask Jackie Dennison Koshnick"

An email I received from Christine stated:

"My partner in rescue mediums has a indian guide called red cloud YES THE red cloud you can check him up he is quite famous ..She has quite alot of information about him on her site Feathers Academy he is a real person you can check him up.."

THE Red Cloud? Even though she asked me not to contact her again, I had to reply:

By Meercat


"As a matter of interest, the 'famous' Red Cloud was in fact Sioux, the Oglala Lakota and no connection to Takelma Tribe. I can find no reference to anyone in the Takelma being called Red Cloud."

Her reply?:

Maybe you should tell jackie that not me .He is her 1st nations guide not mine and she has quite alot of information about him on her site and connects the famous red cloud as one and the same man no matter what tribe ....she even has pictures of the famous red cloud on her site I would be interested to see what she would have to say to you ...
you should take a look at Feathers academy spirit guides there is another medium you can attack ..But be careful she knows alot about red cloud and you may end up wrong.....
sarcasm suits you keep it up

Sarcasm is indeed the lowest form of wit, but wit nonetheless...

A further email furnished me with several screens shots of the Feathers Academy website with the "quite a lot of information on him" on it, and a final comment from Christine:

here you are take her on ..if you dare ,..

Okay then.

Firstly I had a proper look at The Feather Academy website www.feathersmediums.co.uk to have a butchers at this "lots of information" that 'Medium' Jackie Dennison Koshnick has about her 'guide'.

Here it is:

"Red Cloud: Jackie also works with a Native American Indian, Red Cloud, from the Takelma Tribe, part of the Rogue River Indians. Red Cloud introduced himself in the early part of 2005 and spoke of wonderful work that Jackie would be involved with across the water."

Yep, that's certainly a wealth of information. As I have already stated, I can find no reference to a 'Red Cloud' being in the Takelma Tribe, so I'm guessing this was just a little known individual, if he existed at all. 

But hang on, didn't Christine say he was THE Red Cloud he is "quite famous" and "a real person I can check up on". I had better take a look at the picture that Jackie has of him. Well, its a drawing actually:

Which appears to be a reproduction of this photo:


So at least we know that this 'Guide' was a real person as Jackie states on her site that this is a drawing of him.. But who is it? Well, the photo is from a poster of THE Red Cloud, you know, the famous one:

Okay, so we have established that Jackie Dennison Koshnick has THE Red Cloud, Makhpiya Luta (1822-1909) as her 'Spirit Guide'. What does Jackie say about him again?

"from the Takelma Tribe, part of the Rogue River Indians"

The Takelma Tribe were from Oregon, now, what the Hell would a Sioux War Leader like Red Cloud be doing in Oregan?

Yes, Red Cloud was Oglala Lakota, born in Nabraska, the Lakota Territory is predominantly Dakota. Red Cloud was NEVER part of the Takelma Tribe, and judging by the distance between Dakota and Oregon, there's a good chance he never even 'bumped into them' during his life either.

Once again, a Mediums claims are quite easily debunked with just a little research. Now, it makes you wonder as to the 'abilities' of these Mediums if they can't even get the background of their own 'guides' correct. If they can't do that, what chance have they of giving a sitter a reading about their relatives?

There you go Christine, it seems Jackie's 'guide' is as genuine as yours. Although I have to question your reasons for wanting me to 'take her on'.


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