24 June 2008

A Look At Self Proclaimed Psychic Christopher Heath

Fishing around in River Woo the other day I found Christopher Heath a very busy man lately, amazing what a stint on an unassuming satellite channel can do for your bank balance.

So I decided to delve deeper, look at some of his readings and see if I could find any kind of pattern to his patter.

If you recognise Christopher Heath it is because Christopher is one of the psychics starring on Psychic TV!


Here's a bit of background...
Christopher Heath is from Romany Descent on both sides of his family, was born on October 17th 1978 and is a classical Libra.

A classical Libra? Puccini or Beethoven I wonder... 

He was brought up in a multi- faith family. He went to Catholic school and studied Health & Social Care at further and Higher Education levels.
He briefly worked in the Health & Social Care sector, but his vocation was to work for the World of the Spirit.

Yes much more money to made from the vulnerable by claiming to have psychic abilities than he’ll ever make caring for them.

He has an office in the town of Bridgend, South Wales. He is highly sort after by people from all walks of life. You can be assured that whatever way of life you have you will be welcomed with open arms.

And open palms...

Oh and not to worry that he might not be as well connected as other psychics...it's ok he is international!!

Christopher is available for telephone and private readings in London, New York, Marbella (Spain), Beverly Hills (California)

That's a busy man! Must check but I'm sure Superman isn't Welsh ...


„X He is Clairaudient which means he can hear those people who have passed over.
„X He is Clairsentient which means he can feel those people who have passed over. -
„X He is Clairvoyant which means he can see those people who have passed over and he can clearly "see" future events.


He is a natural psychic

Of course he is we all are apparently!

Christopher Heath is 29 years old, and has worked with his gifts since he was 16 years old. He considers himself privileged to be able to use his God given ability to help people no matter what way of life they may lead.

Wondered how long it would be before God was mentioned.

Anyway let’s see what Christopher has been up to lately …
This is a page on his website with videos of his performances on Psychic TV


Well I painfully listened to these…..quite a few times …. transcribed them and compared readings, here are my findings.

Video 2Quote:

You do remind me very much of your Mother but you do have your Dad's attitude which doesn't always help you

Video 3Quote:

Remind me of your Mum.

Video 5Quote:

Brother very much like your Dad to look at, you remind me very much of your Mother with your Dad's approach.

Video 11 (Isobel)Quote:

You do remind me very much of your Dad actually with Mum's approach to life.

Video 11 ( Carolyn)Quote:

Being so much like your Mum.

Video 12Quote:

You look very much like your Mother but unfortunately for yourself you have your Dad's approach.

Hmmm are you seeing the repetition?

Video 2 Quote:

Can see you living in California

Video 3 Quote:

Connection with Manhattan actually a connection with New York

Video 6 Quote:

Trip to New York coming up-- then conversation in 5 weeks about going to New York

Video 11 ( Carolyn)Quote:

A New York connection

Ok before I go on let's recap. The first two comparisons have the most repetition that's because we will all relate to similar traits with parents and the American connection is the future therefore cannot be validated at the time of the reading and of course we won't be revisiting these people to check on Christopher's accuracy! Also please keep in mind that the people he's giving readings to will be standing around for a while chatting before filming takes place, lots of information will be gained from that time.

Next ...Same reading just worded slightly differently.
Video 3 Quote:

You have a sarcastic wit but in a nice way, things come across as if you're serious but you're really being funny, people don't actually understand where you are coming from

Video 11 (Carolyn) Quote:

You have a sarcastic wit people don't always know if you're joking or having a laugh.

Video 11 (Isobel) Quote:

People looking in on your world consider you to be lucky in what you've got

Video 12 Quote:

People looking in on your circumstances think they're fabulous

Video 3 Quote:

Academically excelled people wouldn't believe how far you've come

Video 5 Quote:

They think you're some clerk in an office where that is not the case at all you've studied academically to get where you are.

Let's look realistically at Christopher's readings, they are a basic cold read, he is taking into consideration the age of the person and the needs or worries of that age group. If you actually listen to what he is saying it isn't psychic ability it is basic psychological observation into which he adds predictions. 
In video 2 he states Quote:

Now I don't like futurising because I believe in validation in the first instance

So I understand he's saying he really isn't comfortable predicting the future but apart from his basic cold readings the only other readings are predictions, oh and I'm sorry but I do have to point out Christopher that futurising is not a word, well according to the Chambers dictionary anyway.

Please check these links for excellent information on the basics of cold reading



Please remember visual editing is a wonderful tool for deception.

By Amaris

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