16 September 2007

Derek Acorah And The Berry Pomeroy Incident - Proof Derek Was Told In Advance

Originally Published 16th September 2007

By Jon Donnis

On the 14th of March 2005, Most Haunted Live was on their third night of one of their usual events, themed as "Terror at Torbay".

Lets have a quick recap of what happened that night.

As it was the third night, it was the usual grand finale, with crewmembers dropping like flies.

Yvette claimed to feel ill, complaining about her breathing, and eventually collapsed.

John also felt ill and was removed by Andy the security guy.

Stuart "Uncle Fester" Torrevill attacked Karl, Derek and Andy and was then dragged out by security.

And of course good old Degsie got possessed and was yet another dragged out.

What a lot of people don't know was that night there was also another person present, that being a reporter from The Guardian!

Kinda makes sense now all that over acting don't you think?

Well in the article written by that reporter, he had asked Derek about claims made by this very site that he had indeed known that he was to visit Berry Pomeroy, here is what was said.


As for the history in a twist, Derek said spirits were not just tied to the one room, or even place, they would come and visit when a medium was around. And the date confusions? "That to me is not so important as a communication and what has been said. I'm sorry, I'm not a historian. I haven't got a library of knowledge, I'm just an ordinary guy, OK, that uses the gifts of what I do, and whatever comes through, I don't check it ... I just say it as it comes, with conviction." The conversation suggesting prior knowledge of Berry Pomeroy never happened, he said, "but I'll stand accountable for that if it's so ...

Source www.guardian.co.uk

Now its the last line of that quote you need to read again.


The conversation suggesting prior knowledge of Berry Pomeroy never happened, he said, "but I'll stand accountable for that if it's so ..

Well how about I offer some proof that that conversation did indeed happen. 

Below is a secretly recorded audio clip of the rehersals for that nights action. Listen all the way to the end and you will clearly hear Derek Acorah being told of the location

It has been claimed many many times on Most Haunted that the mediums never have any prior knowledge of the specific locations they are to visit. Yet here we have proof that this is not the case.

Now Derek Acorah claimed he would stand accountable, something which he has never done.

Derek has since left Most Haunted of his own accord, his career seems to be unsinkable, he has his own show, sell out tours, best selling books.

The question is, what on earth do we have to do to show the believers that all is not what it seems.

As for Most Haunted, well if they were telling the mediums back in 2005 the locations, do you really think they are not telling them now?

Of course they are.

By Jon Donnis

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